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The aim of the Trust is to raise public awareness of the importance and significance of the Sands, not only as part of our national maritime heritage and marine environment but also as a natural sea defence. We are also working towards introducing effective legislation to protect this unique area.


The Goodwin Sands have been painted, photographed, written and spoken about for centuries. Paintings by EW Cooke, William Edward Frost, WH Macklin and WL Wyllie all create a rich tapestry of this famous landscape.

Environment & Ecology

Anyone walking along the seafront on a windy day at low tide cannot fail to notice the foamy white line of waves crashing onto the Goodwins, an acknowledged sea defence, four miles away.

History & Heritage

Many books have been written about the history of the Goodwins and a list of these can be found in our Research Library. If you know of a book that should be included in this list, please do let us know.

Sport & Recreation

The first recorded cricket match took place on the Sands in 1813. Later in 1824 a match held on the Sands by a Ramsgate harbourmaster between local mariners became an annual tradition that lasted for several years.

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Latest News

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Surveying HMS Northumberland

HMS┬áNorthumberland is one of four Royal Navy warships that sank on the Goodwins in the Great Storm of November 1703 and is one of three wrecks on Historic England’s Heritage …

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