Welcome to our Key Stage 2 learning materials

We are delighted to introduce our series of nine worksheets, each focussing on a different aspect of the fascinating story of the Goodwin Sands.  They can be used in any order and can be downloaded free of charge from the links below.

Each worksheet includes an activity specially designed to engage and stimulate pupils to learn more about their local history, geography and marine environment.

We really hope you and your pupils enjoy using these worksheets to learn more about their local maritime environment and heritage.

For younger children, we have designed a fun-filled colouring sheet which can also be downloaded free of charge.

If you have any comments, suggestions on how we can improve our learning materials or any general feedback on them, we would love to hear from you.



These are the Activity Sheets available for free download:


1. What and Where are the Goodwin Sands?

Geograhy of the Goodwins – origin of their name – Goodwin Airport

2. A Famous Anchorage

The Downs – Three Castles – Timeball Tower – Famous Visitors

3. The Great Storm by Thomas Atkins

 A story based on the real-life survival of a sailor from the Great Storm of 1703

4. Shipwrecks and Treasure

 A tale of three friends who love diving the famous wrecks of the Goodwins

5. World War II

An account of the loss of Pilot Officer Keith Gillman from Dover in WWII

6. Wildlife & the Environment

Seals –– Marine Conservation Zone – the Goodwins as a vital sea defence

7. Saints or Sinners?

Deal boatmen – hovelling – smuggling – saving lives

8. A Hero of the Goodwin Sands

A story based on the real rescue of the Golden Island  in 1887 by the North Walmer lifeboat

9. Ghosts of the Goodwin Sands

Lady Luvibund – German submarine U-48

10. Colouring Sheet

In 2022 we took part in the Deal Music & Arts Festival Childrens’ Day on Walmer Green.  We created a large canvas and invited children and adults to come and colour it in.  Much fun was had by all and the end result was fabulous!


Childrens’ leaflet 

We also have child-friendly brochures that we would happy to provide you to supplement your classroom projects.  Please contact us at goodwinsandstrust@gmail.com if you would us to send you some (again free of charge).


Childrens’ leaflet inside page



If you have a badge making machine we have created a series of fun designs for children to colour in and make their own badges.  These will be available online soon but if you would like some templates do please email us and we will send them to you.  Here are some examples – we also have a crab, a seagull, lifeboatmen and others.