National Maritime Museum, Greenwich


Britannia was an East India Company ship that was in convoy with the Admiral Gardner and the Carnatic when she sank on the Goodwins during a storm on 24th / 25th January 1809.

Britannia was built by Wells and launched in 1806, completing voyages between England, Bombay, China and Madras.

At the time of her sinking, Britannia was carrying a cargo of EIC silver tokens which has never been recovered as the wreck site has not been found.

Records show that the East India Company lost a total of six ships to the notorious Sands:

1737 – Devonshire  – renamed Triumph after being purchased by Spanish merchants so perhaps not strictly EIC!

1748 – Dolphin      –  three other Dophins were lost in 1585, 1624 and 1743 and also a Dolphine in 1624.

1787 – Mars

1809 – Admiral Gardner

1809 – Britannia

1825 – Ogle Castle